Fateful Journey

Session Log (2nd Part)

The Log

Some notes:

First of all, the log had some serious formatting issues and I had to remove a ton of rolls which were causing the entire rest of the log to go formatting bonkers (mostly secret ones such as perception, sense motive, etc.). I also did my best to remove any whispers as well. I also explained any mechanic rulings and most other OOC things over vent and those are missing from the log.

Finally, I encourage you to write your own adventure log posts to summarize the adventure and/or give your characters thoughts on a specific event or overall happenings. You lose a lot of the mood and feeling with just the text log and it can be fun to write/read about the events from a more descriptive and alternate view point.

Additionally, I was a bit symbolically dyslexic when I read the DR on the stalker but it ends up working out to be the same total damage either way.



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