Fateful Journey

Session Log (2nd Part)

The Log

Some notes:

First of all, the log had some serious formatting issues and I had to remove a ton of rolls which were causing the entire rest of the log to go formatting bonkers (mostly secret ones such as perception, sense motive, etc.). I also did my best to remove any whispers as well. I also explained any mechanic rulings and most other OOC things over vent and those are missing from the log.

Finally, I encourage you to write your own adventure log posts to summarize the adventure and/or give your characters thoughts on a specific event or overall happenings. You lose a lot of the mood and feeling with just the text log and it can be fun to write/read about the events from a more descriptive and alternate view point.

Additionally, I was a bit symbolically dyslexic when I read the DR on the stalker but it ends up working out to be the same total damage either way.

Startled Sandpoint
And in the beginning, as in all things, there were goblins.

Sandpoint has seen it’s share of trials over the years but has managed to whether them all and in all respects has turned into a shining success story on the frontier of Varisia. It’s now a modest urban center of over twelve hundred people; its secure in the region, and prosperous from trade. Sandpoint is now an important stop for several caravans and the route from Magnimar to Riddleport is becoming increasingly profitable due to it. One of these caravans is owned by Sandru Vhiski who takes particular joy in stopping in Sandpoint where he gets a chance to meet with his good friends Ameiko Kaijitsu and Shalelu Andosana and spend time at the local adventurer’s haven at the Rusty Dragon.

However, his most recent visit was a little more fraught with danger then usual. His caravan was ambushed by goblins wielding exotic pyrotechnics from the land of Tien. They were dispatched with relative ease as Sandru and his adoptive mother Koya alone are more then capable of taking care of the goblins, but what was more concerning was the uncharacteristic bravery of the goblins.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t been an isolated case as of late. There have been multiple such attacks of these firework wielding goblins, and although the fireworks themselves aren’t particularly dangerous, the goblins increased boldness is. Nobody has died yet, but there have been a few minor injuries and recently a couple travels were seriously hurt. Magnimar so far has been slow to react to this new threat however, and with the leaders of sandpoint wanting to deal with this problem before it escalates to actual deaths, they have recently reinstated the old goblin bounty, offering ten gold pieces for each relatively fresh goblin ear with an extra three hundred for bringing in the head of the local leader of the licktoads tribe “Chief Gutwad”.

Local tensions have been especially high since another round of colorful explosions erupted over the Brinestump swamps recently, with the locals concerned that the goblins are preparing for a large attack.

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