House Rules

Every game does things a little bit differently and has some of their own rules, and this one is no exception. The two main categories are “Table” rules, and gameplay rules. Table rules regard things such as gameplay etiquette, absentee policy, OOC limitations placed on IC actions, etc. Gameplay rules are actual small mechanical changes to the rules or clarifications on which optional rules will be used and which will be ignored. These rules are always open for discussion outside of game and to a limited extent during gametime. Please submit any house rule proposals to the forum.

Table Rules

Missing Players: We will attempt to play if we have at least 3 PCs available. If we have 3, the GM will fill in with an extra character who will try to avoid giving away any solutions or skewing the combat. If there is no convienent in-plot way to explain the disappearance of a character for a session, their vanishing will simply be hand-waved away. If the party needs a missing character’s skill that can’t be filled adequately by another character, they may roll using that character’s skill modifier provided it is not a a skill that requires roleplay to use (diplomacy, bluff, etc.).

Advance Notice: If a player (or the GM) can’t make a game, please try to notify the group as far in advance as possible.

Alternate players: We will keep a list of players who have expressed interest in the game but which we don’t have room for at the moment. If a spot opens up they will be invited to come in at the next possible convenient spot to introduce a new character. If a player plans to leave but thinks they may come back within a reasonable amount of time, we will make an effort to put them on a bus in such a way that they can be brought back later. However, such returning players will also have to wait until a spot opens up (although they will be given priority).

No pvp allowed: As this is a roleplaying heavy game, character conflicts may happen, in such cases, limited CvC (character veresus character) will be allowed. Even if it would make sense for your character to come to lethal blows, please find a way to ICly justify using non-lethal damage instead. Exceptions may be granted for certain highly dramatic moments at the GM’s discretion.

Don’t (overly) screw over the party: Having your CN rogue take a little extra cut of the treasure is fine, but stealing all of the loot and running off with it is not.

Secret Backstories: Want to keep some or all of your backstory hidden from the party? Great! Just let the GM know. Obsidian Portal makes it easy for the GM to keep GM-only sections or sections only shared with part of the party.

Gender Play: If you can play a convincing character that’s not your gender, go for it.

Game Rules

Character creation/advancement

Allowed Supplements: Any Paizo published supplement is allowed. Exceptions will be granted on a limited case by case basis.

Restricted Races: The only allowed races are ones that are primarily humanoid in nature and appearance. Eg. All core races, Aasimars and Tieflings are okay. Kitsune and tengu are not. Drow and other underdark variants are also banned because the GM has an irrational hatred for them. If you have a question as to what constitutes a primarily humanoid race, ask the GM.

Ability Scores: We will be using standard point-buy with the standard fantasy level of 15 points.

Traits: The GM highly encourages you to select two traits for your character with one from the Jade Regent campaign Trait selection.

Hitpoint advancement: HP advancement will use the Pathfinder Society method, ie. Take full hitpoints at first level and half of max + 1 for subsequent hit dice.

Game Mechanics

Equivilant Eastern Weapons: If your character does not have the required proficiency in an exotic weapon, but the GM deems the weapon to be analogous to a normal weapon, you may use that weapon without penalty if you treat it as it’s more common equivilant. For example, if Miley the rogue finds a +1 wakazashi, (1d6 18-20 Deadly P/S) but does not have the required proficiency, she may either wield it at the normal -4 non-proficient penalty for the enhanced traits, or treat it as a +1 shortsword (1d6 19-20 S) instead and waive the penalty.

Jade Regent Relationship rules: We will be using these, but in a more abstract way. Become close enough with one of the major NPCs and you will receive their boon, but daily checks will not be necessary and the strength of relationships will be judged almost entirely on the merits of RP. Don’t worry about the relationship scores, the GM will track them behind the scenes but will be playing a bit fast and loose with the numbers.

Critical Fumbles: If a natural 1 is rolled on an attack roll, reroll the attack to confirm as you would a critical hit. If the confirmation is a hit, then the attack is simply a miss, if the confirmation is a miss, then your character either provokes an opportunity, breaks a bow string (requiring a full round action to restring), or loses a spell as appropriate.

House Rules

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